OPT-15 Optimize the LOAD_ATTR opcode#


Python has a generic opcode for loading attributes of names (objects, variables, etc). This is NOT the same as LOAD_METHOD, which is a specialized opcode for loading method attributes.

PyObject_LoadAttr() is the C-API interface for loading attributes.

This will inspect the object to see if (in order of preference):

  • It has a type slot tp_getattr

  • It has a type slot tp_getattro

For type objects, it would call the Python function for __getattr__.


At compile-time, Pyjion will use type inference (including PGC stacks) to inline the call to the correct type-slot method using method slot symbols. (see CALL_FUNCTION optimizations).

This is done by resolving the address of the typeslot call at compile-time and compiling a trampoline pointer to that method in the IL.


  • Attribute loading is faster for native types


  • None?

Further Enhancements#

  • Process can be applied to any function. Expand this through the use of profiling


This optimization is enabled at level 1 by default. See Optimizations for help on changing runtime optimization settings.